12 .11 .2017

Finalmente Juan Tonconogy y Bárbara Ruffini se quedaron con la 29a Edición de las #1000millas2017 a bordo de un Riley Sprite de 1936. ¡Felicitaciones a los ganadores!
El podio se completó en SEGUNDO lugar con Alejandro López y Gabriel Gourovich en un Delage DM de 1927 y en TERCER puesto quedó la dupla Daniel Erejomovich y Gustavo Llanos conduciendo un AC 16/80 Comp. Sport de 1938.

Con este triunfo Juan Tonconogy suma la cantidad de 6 victorias en las 1000 Millas Sport, siendo el máximo ganador histórico. 2009-2010-2012-2013-2014...y 2017!


11 .11 .2017
A tight definition

Today finished the second Stage and the 3 leaders are separated by only 32 points of difference. Tomorrow will be a day to be very focused and not make the slightest mistake since any carelessness can leave them out of competition because there is no discarding in this third and final stage.

4 .10 .2017
An itinerary with many news

The final itinerary of the 1000 Sport Miles promises an edition with new alternatives, as much in the sports side as in the touristic sites to visit as well, in a more dynamic route, with less traffic.

1st Phase: November, Thursday 9th: To Junín de los Andes, passing through Confluencia, Alicurá, lunch at Sociedad Rural, then returning to crown the end of the Arelauquen phase.

2nd Phase: November, Friday 10th: To San Martín de los Andes, passing through Villa La Angostura and the unbeatable Camino de los 7 Lagos, lunch at Chapelco Golf, returning after passing through Hotel Correntoso, ending at the Centro Cívico of Bariloche City.

Both phases, a tour of more than 500kms, were balanced between a series of tests and relaxed stops, thanks to the support of local Police, Transit and Highway authorities, that enabled us to transit through uknown places.

3rd Phase: November, Saturday 11th: A more relaxed route of 300kms, but with a high sport level. A series of tests at Circuito Chico, the climbing of the Cerro Catedral, a stop at Lago Gutiérrez and then strict tests at Foyel. What´s new in this phase: a definition till the end since different test will be held at Foyel, the descent of the Cerro Catedral, ending the last test at Circuito Chico, a mere few meters of the grand finale of the race, at the shore of Llao Llao Lake.

Last day of registration: October 15th


10 .8 .2017
Audi: Official Sponsor for the 7th consecutive year.

Audi permanently reflects its history of innovation, technology and vanguardism. It does it through Audi Tradition, by remembering with classical events the more than 100 years of success. In sintony with this the brand will participate for the seventh consecutive time as the main sponsor of the “1000 Millas Sport de la República Argentina”.

10 .7 .2017
REGISTRATION OPEN - 29º Edition 1000 Millas Sport

We are pleased to announce the opening of registrations for the XXVIII° edition of the 1000 Millas Sport of Argentina next Monday, July 10 th to October 15th (registration close)

The rally will be held once again on the roads of the Argentinean Patagonia on November 08-12, with headquarters at the Llao LLao Hotel & Resort - Golf - Spa, Bariloche, Province of Rio Negro.

The number of participating vehicles is limited to 150.

We'll be looking forward to seeing you!


16 .11 .2016
Slalom en el Catedral, con premio especial
En la búsqueda permanente de innovación y nuevos desafíos para los participantes, la edición 2016 de las 1000 Millas Sport puso en juego la Copa Catedral. Siete Pruebas Cronometradas se dispusieron en un circuito de 66 metros de extensión, emplazado en la playa de estacionamiento de la base del famoso Cerro, uno de los atractivos turísticos –por excelencia- de San Carlos de Bariloche. 
15 .11 .2016
Por octavo año consecutivo el Club de Automóviles Sport (CAS), acompañó la iniciativa de la subasta solidaria -cuyo noble objetivo- le permite al Banco de Alimentos recaudar fondos para que 100 mil personas se alimenten, diariamente, en 750 comedores y otras organizaciones sociales ubicadas en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y 30 partidos del Gran Buenos Aires.  
La actriz, modelo, y conductora de TV, Andrea Frigerio no sólo engalanó la ceremonia de cierre de la 28va edición de las 1000 Millas Sport, también colaboró con un cálido testimonio y sentido mensaje, a comprometerse socialmente con quienes más lo necesitan. Hija de una maestra rural, Frigerio conoce muy bien la situación de desnutrición que padecen miles de argentinos, impedidos, ante la falta de recursos económicos, de una digna alimentación. Consustanciada con la misión que se lleva adelante desde hace años, para el Banco de Alimentos fue un orgullo contar con su inestimable participación, como la de Ernesto Claramunt, pues ambos fueron los encargados de llevar adelante la ya tradicional Subasta Solidaria.
13 .11 .2016
Erejomovich, The Winner, Closed a Brilliant Season

This is his second victory in the 1000 Millas and his first triumph in Patagonia. The five-time Argentine Classic Sport Cars Champion also got hold of his fourth Triple Crown. It certainly was a great finish because in addition to the real difficulties of the PC, mistakes and anxiety made averages soar. The winner, the podium, and the top ten racers were all at stake until the last timed race.

11 .11 .2016
Is this going to be a head-to-head among champions?
After this Friday's leg, which joined the Llao-Llao Hotel with Alicurá, including 29 regularity tests in Circuito Chico, Los Girasoles del Limay, Alicura, Dina Huapi, and Cerro Catedral (in addition to two stamp controls and two time controls, one in Bariloche's Civic Center), and almost 300 km behind, the 1938 AC 16/80 Comp. Sport of the team Erejomovich-Llanos has 291.18 penalty points, 36.42 less than the 1926 Bugatti 35 A of the "Buga-Tina” team.   
11 .11 .2016
Confianza generalizada
Tras casi 500 kilómetros de carrera uniendo, en un ida y vuelta, el Hotel Llao-Llao con el Regimiento de Exploración de Montaña 4, en San Martín de los Andes, las tripulaciones candidatas a anotar sus nombre en el top 10 de la clasificación general consideraban haber superado con un buen promedio de precisión las 31 Pruebas Cronometradas que comprendieron la jornada.  
9 .11 .2016
Glamour, Solidarity, Passion, And History

Last Saturday, some 15 car haulers carried the classic sports cars making up the caravan of the twenty-eighth edition of the 1000 Millas Sport.

In the Pipa Tigre complex, amongst the 131 mechanical jewels of all time, the AC 16/80 Comp. Sport of the five-times Argentine Historic Sports champion, Daniel Erejomovich, and the Züst that took part in the 1908 New York-Paris race were loaded to be carried to San Carlos de Bariloche.

As the 1000 Millas is the second event of significance for the Food Bank, the model and TV hostess will be in charge of the fundraising auction.

18 .10 .2016
The Most Admired in Autoclásica and Patagonia

From a chain-drive 1907 Züst to the 1938 AC Bristol 16/80 owned by the Argentinean Historic Sports leader, Daniel Erejomovich, a select group of pre-war vehicles will shine in the 28th edition of the 1000 Millas Sport to be held on November 9-13 next. Some of them were even showcased in Autoclásica, on the stand of Club de Automóviles Sport.

22 .9 .2016

The Seven Lakes Drive, the Short Roundabout and the Parallel 42 in the Andean Region are part of this groundbreaking venue for the 28th edition of the 1000 Millas Sport to be held from November 9th to 13th, 2016. Declared of municipal interest by the city of San Martín de los Andes, this race will close the Argentine regularity rally calendar for Classic Sports Cars supervised by ACA and Daniel Erejomovich has practically won the championship one more time.

It is the perfect combination of racing and driving. It calls for precision with the pressure switch and mother nature´s perfection to provide such majestic landscapes. These ageless automobiles are individual pieces of jewelry that stand out in the history of car making as they keep rushing along winding roads among lakes, forests and mountains. They are still pictures of the experiences lived year after year in the 1000 Millas in these quintessential tourism areas of Neuquén, Rio Negro and Chubut in Patagonia.

13 .9 .2016

Nicolás Filiberti, former Formula 3000 (today GP2) pilot - the opening category of Formula 1; Alejandro Chawan, member of the Argentina Mission to the 24 Hours Nürburgring; and Fabián Taraborelli, who dared to participate in Dakar Rally on a motorcycle, enrolled for the 2016 edition of the 1000 Millas Sport.

From the adrenaline of speed to the enjoyment of a ride on a classic sports car. This describes the participation of the three men who have gone through the experience of racing in prestigious international categories, and who today are enrolled in the 1000 Millas Sport, maintaining their passion for cars and competitive spirit unchanged. True, they have changed the adrenaline of driving more than 200 kilometers per hour to the easy ride offered by a regularity rally, but behind the wheel of precious mechanical jewels that year after year show off on the roads of Argentina's Patagonia.

14 .7 .2016

After the first week of qualified entries, the 1000 Millas will once again pay tribute to the cars, races, events, and personalities that made sport racing great in Argentina and around the world.

The Ferrari 166/195 Coupé Vignale chosen for the poster of the 28th edition of the 1000 Millas Sport is one of the vehicles that on March 9, 1952, participated in the VI Grand Prix of the City of Buenos Aires which celebrated the opening of the capital's race circuit. Throughout 65 years the most relevant categories in the world paraded in the circuit: from Formula 1 to Sport Prototypes, the MotoGP, Formula 3000, and in February 2017, probably the brand-new Electric Formula.

30 .6 .2016

We are pleased to announce the opening of registrations for the XXVIII° edition of the 1000 Millas Sport of Argentina next Monday, July 4 th. 

The rally will be held once again on the roads of the Argentinean Patagonia on November 09-13, with headquarters at the Llao LLao Hotel & Resort - Golf - Spa, Bariloche, Province of Rio Negro. 

The number of participating vehicles is limited to 150.

We'll be looking forward to seeing you!

29 .11 .2015
1000 Millas: Scalise winner, Erejomovich Argentine champion

The great duel was defined by 9 points

Scalise-Claramunt winners of 1000 Millas 2015

After three intense days during which there were practically no differences, the team on board the Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS celebrated one of the closest victories in the history of the 27 editions of the rally.

“Had it not been for the lack of practice and for not running races, we made some mistakes during the first leg. Who knows, we could have made a definition sooner", says Daniel Claramunt, copilot of Claudio Scalise on the Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS. This piece of information is rather significant considering the outcome of the race, intriguing till the very final moments.

While Scalise entered the gold book of the 1000 Millas equaling Fernando Sanchez Zinny with four victories, Claramunt celebrated for the first time his the success in the most important classic sports cars rally of the country for 27 uninterrupted years.

The history of the winning team is both special and curious. After meeting in college and losing contact for ten years, in 1998 they met again thanks to the passion they share for cars. From that first Volvo with which Scalise started to take up regularity racing to the Alfa Romeo he used to win this 2015 edition, there are other resounding victories, both national and international. Claudio learned the techniques explained by Claramunt very rapidly, to such extent that from 2002 to 2005 he earned four Historical Sports titles, two 1000 Millas (the third one was in 2008) and the victory on the Nuvolari.

Since 2010 and having in mind proving himself just how much of a regularity expert he was, he started racing in Europe, earning the third place in 2011 and the cherished victory in the Mille Miglia 2012.

“I don't know if I had to shake off the rust or not. This is my fourth victory in the 1000 Millas but the first with Daniel as copilot. The truth is that I wanted to win with him, and this time I could. This way I am closing a very important cycle for me”, acknowledged Scalise during the gala dinner at the Llao-Llao Hotel.

But beyond the disappointment after the defeat, Daniel Erejomovich also has won four times, as he won the historical sports regularity Argentine Championship 2015 (from 2009 till 2011), he is a three-times winner of the Triple Crown thanks to his great performance not only in the 1000 Millas, but also to his victories in the other two races making up this trophy: the Wineries Rally and the Mountain Rally.         

“Erejo”, who took up the activity in 2007, rapidly became an icon. “I've always liked games where averages, scoring and technique are involved. In fact, I played - and still play - golf, archery, bowling, all of which one needs to be precise, like in regularity”, comments the one who could not repeat the victory of the 1000 Millas like in 2011 (which took place in Córdoba).

A fan of classic cars, his first collector car - which he still owns - a Jaguar E-Type, Erejomovich acknowledges that his victories this year were the result of a “big preparation that we did with Gustavo Llanos, my copilot, in pursuit of winning everything”.

Although the victory in Patagonia is pending, “Erejo”, with a recently acquired 1929 Bugatti, will seek to attain international victories in the Mille Miglia and Nuvolari, among others.

The recipients of awards in the race were:

Category C: Alejandro López-Gabriel Gourovich (1927 Delage DM)

Category D: Claudio Scalise-Daniel Claramunt (1931 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS)

Category F1: Pablo and Nicolas Lara (1963 MG B)

Category F2: Luis Zerbini-José Rodríguez (Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 GT)

Category G1: Leonardo Zerbini-Federico Rodríguez Panella (1972 Porsche 911 T)

Category G2: Hernán Repetti-Carolina Diharce (1981 BMW 635 CSI)

Category CAS: Pedro Falconi-Ramiro Bona (1995 Bigliani SN6)

Luciano Viaro Award, Best Foreign Crew: Mattia Colpani-Alberto Gnutti (Porsche 911)

Bitito Mieres Award, Sporting Spirit: Marian Stoch and Albert Szwaj, Poland (1937 Aston Martin 15/98)   

Best Car Award: 1931 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS

Best qualified Father-Son Team Award: Guillermo and Ignacio Acevedo (1954 Jaguar XK 120)

Performance Ratio: Gabriele Gnudi-Marco Ianuzzi (1956 Jaguar XK140)

Ladies Cup: Valeria Beruto-Pilar Hermida Lozano (1955 Triumph TR2)

Lory Barra Cup Best Qualified Member: Claudio Scalise

Team Award: Pechuga (Arguelles family)

Category B (pilots): Jorge and Mariano Bernstein (Mercedes-Benz 280 SL)  

Gentleman Driver Award: Cesar Litvin- Vicente Labonia (1960 Chevrolet Corvette)

28 .11 .2015
¿Quién será el ganador?

Scalise-Erejomovich o Erejomovich-Scalise  ÓRDEN DE MÉRITO

Ya sea uno u otro los dos grandes favoritos cumplieron con una destacada actuación por lo que se han hecho merecedores de la victoria. Tal ha sido la paridad que, por puntos netos (sin aplicar el hándicap) habrían arrancado la última etapa virtualmente empatados. Independientemente de quien resulte el ganador de esta edición de las 1000 Millas Sport, Erejomovich ya se consagró –por cuarta vez- campeón argentino Sport Histórico.

27 .11 .2015

Tras concluir la segunda etapa, la victoria 2015 no parece quedar circunscripta a los grandes favoritos. Los desempeños de Alejandro López como Ricardo Licursi permiten imaginar que tal vez uno de ellos inscriba su nombre en el álbum de oro.

26 .11 .2015

Tras completar casi 500 kilómetros de carrera uniendo Llao-Llao, Junín y San Martín de los Andes, Villa La Angostura y el Centro Cívico de Bariloche, los participantes de la 27ma edición de las 1000 Millas Sport coincidieron en las dificultades que presentaron las 29 pruebas de habilidad conductiva pero -al mismo tiempo- disfrutando de un recorrido paisajístico único.

25 .11 .2015
Fernando Sánchez Zinny y Claudio Scalise A reverdecer los laureles

Son potencialmente candidatos a repetir el éxito. Sánchez Zinny se consagró en cuatro ocasiones (1992, 1995, 1996 y 2002) y Scalise en tres (2004, 2005 y 2008) pero ambos consideran que están por debajo del nivel del gran favorito, Daniel Erejomovich. 

23 .11 .2015
Record Edition - Astonishing numbers

156 cars of almost 30 different makes.  Foreign crews from Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Uruguay, in addition to copilots from Germany and the US. Two female teams. Two news crews living the race from the inside. A three-leg itinerary, a crossing to Chile and 86 driving skills tests. The 1000 Millas 2015 have everything it takes to make history again. 

15 .10 .2015
Autoclásica 2015 - The 1000 Millas Always Present

Club de Automóviles Sport was present – one more time – in this unique competition of South America, promoting its traditional rally which last week exceeded its quota of participants, among which, two Ferraris from the United States.

23 .9 .2015

In 26 editions, a total of 19 models from various makes won the rally - in many cases, just as they did in the great speed races of their time.

If there is something that stands out in classic sports car rallies is the variety and uniqueness of the models making up the caravans. Throughout 26 editions, the 1000 Millas Sport of the Republic of Argentina has had the privilege of having unique pieces, some especially sent from the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Alfa Romeo or Audi museums; others brought with much pride by their owner-collectors.

Not only for what they stood for industrially or commercially, but also from a strictly sporting point of view, the vehicles that have won the most important regularity rally of Argentina and South America bear a rich and valuable history.

19 .5 .2015
Argentine victory. Outperforming Teachers Tonconogy-Berisso, for the second time

As in 2013, the Argentine duo - on a 1927 Bugatti T40 - won the 33rd edition of the historic Mille Miglia. On the leading position from the second stage, the national champions of regularity were able to add 231 points more than the local duo Andrea Vesco-Andrea Guerini (1930 Fiat Siata 514 MM). Other three Argentine crews are among the top 12.

7 .3 .2015
1,000 Miles and Three Days in Patagonia

by Tom Smith
Sports Car Market - March 2015

It began, as many adventures often do, with a phone call.

My great friend Don Polak was on the line, asking if I'd seen that morning's "Bring a Trailer" email. It seems a 1961 Volvo PV544, with long-term ownership, was on offer and the price was right.

"Wouldn't this be a perfect car for the Argentine 1000 Millas?" Polak said. I said I thought it would, so a few eBay clicks later we owned it.

It's been my great privilege to enjoy some of the world's great automobile events with Don Polak. We've driven on two Italian Mille Miglias in our Siata 1100TV Vignale. We enjoyed the 2014 Austrian Ennstal Classic in our 1947 Healey Elliott Saloon and, together with our wives or children, have enjoyed countless New England 1000s, Mountain Milles, Copperstate 1000s and Texas 1000s.

I've also had the opportunity to drive an Aston DB2 in the always-terrific Colorado Grand and California Mille. So, it was time for another adventure. After doubling our investment in the Volvo in preparation for the rally, we were ready to go!


29 .7 .2013
1000 Millas Sport - Classic & Sports Car

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