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Registration is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of the Club de Automóviles Sport.
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The value of the registration is USD 4,900 (official change in Banco Nacin seller from the previous day).

Registration (pilot and copilot) includes:
  • 4 nights accommodation in a double standard room at the Llao Llao Hotel (subject to availability).
  • Breakfast.
  • Lunch and snacks in all three stages of the race.
  • Dinner at the Llao Llao Hotel.
  • Additional services:

  • Transportation of the car in an auto hauler (Buenos Aires / Bariloche / Buenos Aires) USD 1,000
  • Car transportation insurance: this insurance is mandatory and costs 0.45% of the car's stated
    value. Minimum of USD30,000

  • Please remember:
    1) Registration must be made only through our website:

    2) For the booking to be effective, a down payment of USD2,500 is required; otherwise, the registration will not be considered.

    3) Participating cars must be Sport, own a FIVA ID card, and be approved by an Admissions Committee created for such purpose. You can find a list of homologated cars by HERE

    4) Cancellation Policy: For organizational reasons, the maximum number of cars to participate is 150. Only entries will be considered if all the information on the registration form has been completed, the required documentation has been received (Carnet FIVA, Insurance covering regularity competencies, ACA license for the crew) and canceled in full the registration amount to date Closing.

        To finalize the registration you must accept the RULES. Please click here to download it >>