From 1989, through the years, and thanks to the success of the 1000 Millas Sport, the activity in our country has experienced a significant growth. Many different events have been created from this, not only in Buenos Aires, but all over the country.

Since 1999, on initiative of Club Automóviles Sport, the Automovil Club Argentino organizes an Official National Championship supervised by the Comisión Deportiva Automovilística (CDA).

Resulting from the interaction of the three mentioned institutions, the three races that share the same spirit that characterizes the historic car racing in Argentina (all of them giving points for the Argentinean championship) are gathered in a special prize: the Triple Crown.

This special honor prize will be awarded, year after year, to the driver who, taking part in all the three competitions will get the best performance.


Erejomovich, Daniel - Llanos, Gustavo
AC 16/80 Comp. Sport - 1938


Tait, Alejandro - Tait, Carlos
Porsche 911T - 1970


Tonconogy, Juan - Berisso, Guillermo
Riley Sprite - 1936


Erejomovich, Daniel - Gallo, Gustavo
Triumph TR3 B - 1962


Licursi Ricardo - Pujol Patricia
Alfa Romeo Montreal - 1975


Nocetti Fernando - Laconi Leonardo
Triumph TR3 B - 1962


Erejomovich, Daniel - Pelaya, Carlos
Porsche 911 T - 1970


"Don Segundo Sombra" - Reami, Raúl Alberto
Ford Thunderbird - 1956


Tonconogy, Juan - Berisso, Guillermo
Riley Sprite - 1936


Martín Súcari - José Luis Celada
Maserati 4 CS 1100 - 1934