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Fundación Banco de Alimentos

The Fundación Banco de Alimentos is a non-profit organization that works as a link in a chain that provides food, building bridges between people afflicted by hunger and those who wish to cooperate.

For 10 years it has been providing an effective solution to the hungry by managing donations of food fit for consumption in a transparent and efficient way. It receives donations from companies and farmers, which are gathered in its warehouse, and then sorted and delivered to the table of thousands of Argentines through organizations, soup kitchens, nursing homes, schools and kindergartens, to name a few. The Foundation rescues food which, for various reasons, cannot be marketed (deteriorated packaging, near expiry date), but are fit for consumption.

It also trains the people handling and cooking food, offering them training on hygiene regulations and how to make the most out of food in terms of nutrition in situations of shortage.

Currently, the Foundation covers the food needs of 488 soup kitchens and organizations of the Federal Capital City and the Greater Buenos Aires area. But it has 219 on the waiting list that meet all the requirements to join the group of beneficiaries.

A little bit of history

The management model of Food Banks was born in the United States in the 1960's as a link between foodstuff manufacturing and marketing companies and people afflicted by hunger. Nowadays over 500,000 tons of food are distributed annually, with over 500 Food Banks operating worldwide, and contributing towards feeding over 20 million people.

In April 2001, the Fundación de Banco de Alimentos made its first delivery of food. This action was the outcome of the work carried out by a group of people concerned about the constant waste of food recorded daily, whilst hundreds of families need help in order to be able to eat every day.

It has grown uninterruptedly ever since. In these ten years, the Foundation has been able to distribute 21 million kilos of food to over 79,500 people. It currently receives donations from over 70 foodstuff companies and 100 goods and services companies.

In 2010, it exceeded 3.3 million kilos of food.

The 1000 Millas Sport and the Fundación Banco de Alimentos

During 2009 and 2010 - and thanks to the help and generosity of the Club de Automóviles Sport - the Fundación Banco de Alimentos held a Charity Auction as part of the race.

Artists such as Alfredo de la María, Jorge García, Jorge Ferreyra Basso, Esteban Serassio and José Ma. Villafuerte, among other collectors who generously donated objects, participated in this charity event. Works of art and collectors' items were exhibited in the central hallway of the Llao Llao Hotel during the days prior to the auction.

Also, the auction features a premium art catalogue where companies can place different kinds of ads.

Thus, the end of the race leaves a very interesting share of art and the opportunity for everyone involved to help fight against hunger.

In addition, the CAS wanted to commit at a local level and in both years it selected a beneficiary organization in the area to receive a percentage of funds raised: the Laura Vicuña Home in 2009 and Red Solidaria - Emaús Group in 2010.

The First Auction raised a total of USD41,650, 10% of which was donated to the Laura Vicuña Home located in San Martín de los Andes. Its mission is to see to the welfare of, and assist young and teenage girls.

In the Second one, a total of USD53,000 was raised, 20% of which was given to the Emaús Group (Red Solidaria Bariloche), who used it for its construction project that seeks to "give a home to the homeless", building a two-story home of approximately 300 sq. meters, with capacity for over 70 people.
A su vez, la Fundación Banco de Alimentos continúa hace más de 10 años con su enorme desafío de alimentar a cerca de 80.000 personas todos los días.

The Fundación Banco de Alimentos continues after more than 10 years with the huge challenge of feeding approximately 80,000 people every day.

Now, in 2012, we are already working for the next race, seeking to implement new ideas, always on a creative and high-end environment.