Today, when a motorsports fan is asked about the meaning of the word Team, the answer is invariably associated with the great teams that are currently in Formula 1.

Especially Ferrari, but any racing team as well. Without a doubt, today the term has mutated towards Formula 1, but its origins are somewhat different.

In the origins of car racing itself, the term was not only used to refer to factory teams, but also to private organizations.
It was very common for a group of amateur pilots or gentleman drivers to decide to team up for several reasons; at the beginning it was affinity, but the advantages of centralizing organization, mechanics, purchases, maintenance, transportation, etc. are also obvious.
Grouped in a team, they could be much more efficient and cost-effective at the same time.

Certainly the "Scuderia Ferrari" began this way. But thanks to the outstanding organizational skills of Enzo Ferrari, in a few years it became the "de facto" official team for Alfa Romeo.

Throughout the years, several private teams accomplished some degree of recognition, such as the “Scudería Centro Sud”, “Scudería Ambrosiana” or the “Scudería Filipinetti”, to name a few.


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