10 .8 .2017
:: Audi: Official Sponsor for the 7th consecutive year.

Audi permanently reflects its history of innovation, technology and vanguardism. It does it through Audi Tradition, by remembering with classical events the more than 100 years of success. In sintony with this the brand will participate for the seventh consecutive time as the main sponsor of the “1000 Millas Sport de la República Argentina”.

This competence is one of the icons in the Club de Automóviles Sport de la Argentina, that makes part of FIVA’s world calendar and ACA’s Historic Cars Championship. Together with Rally de la Montaña and Rally de las Bodegas they constitute Argentina’s Triple Corona.
Due to history, tradition and natural appeal the 1000 Millas Sport de la República Argentina were declared of National Touristic Interest and the practice of the activity was found as the most widely spread in the region.
The 29th edition, that will start in Patagonia from November 8th to 12th, will have some changes with respect to route, hostelry and sport like. Some foreign crews have already booked and we expect that the total allowance of 150 will be met.
Audi will supply its most innovative models to transport the organization.