4 .10 .2017
:: An itinerary with many news

The final itinerary of the 1000 Sport Miles promises an edition with new alternatives, as much in the sports side as in the touristic sites to visit as well, in a more dynamic route, with less traffic.

1st Phase: November, Thursday 9th: To Junín de los Andes, passing through Confluencia, Alicurá, lunch at Sociedad Rural, then returning to crown the end of the Arelauquen phase.

2nd Phase: November, Friday 10th: To San Martín de los Andes, passing through Villa La Angostura and the unbeatable Camino de los 7 Lagos, lunch at Chapelco Golf, returning after passing through Hotel Correntoso, ending at the Centro Cívico of Bariloche City.

Both phases, a tour of more than 500kms, were balanced between a series of tests and relaxed stops, thanks to the support of local Police, Transit and Highway authorities, that enabled us to transit through uknown places.

3rd Phase: November, Saturday 11th: A more relaxed route of 300kms, but with a high sport level. A series of tests at Circuito Chico, the climbing of the Cerro Catedral, a stop at Lago Gutiérrez and then strict tests at Foyel. What´s new in this phase: a definition till the end since different test will be held at Foyel, the descent of the Cerro Catedral, ending the last test at Circuito Chico, a mere few meters of the grand finale of the race, at the shore of Llao Llao Lake.

Last day of registration: October 15th