34 EDITION     22 to 26 November
19 .5 .2015
:: Argentine victory. Outperforming Teachers Tonconogy-Berisso, for the second time

As in 2013, the Argentine duo - on a 1927 Bugatti T40 - won the 33rd edition of the historic Mille Miglia. On the leading position from the second stage, the national champions of regularity were able to add 231 points more than the local duo Andrea Vesco-Andrea Guerini (1930 Fiat Siata 514 MM). Other three Argentine crews are among the top 12.

Juan Tonoconogy confirmed his momentum. Fivefold winner of the 1000 Millas Sport of the Republic of Argentina, he added another shining success to a rich and unique campaign: his second victory in the historical Mille Miglia. As in 2013, he won navigated by Guillermo Berisso on the 1927 Bugatti T40. In 13 of the 84 special trials spread over a distance of 1600 kilometers, divided into 4 stages, the Argentine duo finished alone or in a tie for the first place.

The race began in Brescia on Thursday, with Rimini as the first goal. The second day, the caravan of 438 cars of 61 different brands, reached Rome. The journey continued from the Italian capital to Parma to end on Sunday, on its starting point, Brescia, after passing through the Autodromo di Monza.

Tonconogy-Berisso earned a total of 49,011 points beating the local duo of Andrea Vesco-Andrea Guerini (1930 Siata Fiat 514 MM) by 231 points.

"We cannot believe it",  the Argentines said on the stage of the Grand Theatre, where the awards ceremony was held. "We never expected a second victory in Italy in the world's biggest event for classic cars", Juan and Guillermo added on the podium in the company of their girlfriends.

While the Italians have been the masters of this specialty, the Argentines have shown - once again - that they are already at the same level, a fact supported by statistics. Ranked in the top 12 there were three other duos of outstanding performance. Paul Stalman-Fernando Sanchez Zinny with a 1929 Bugatti T40 Grand Sport finished seventh by adding 45,695 points after (first 11 positions in PC, in a tie or alone). One position behind there were Daniel Gustavo Erejomovich-Llanos with a 1933 Aston Martin Le Mans. In addition to having finished first in three PCs, they were one of the highlights at the Monza racetrack, on the recently restored "high speed" track, by finishing third.

The duo Sielecki-Hervas (1927 Bugatti T35A), who in 2003 was the first to achieve the feat of beating the Italians at home, was located in twelfth place with four first positions in the passing skills and precision specials.

Damián Pozzoli navigated by Juan Piasco on a 1933 Aston Martin Le Mans finished 35th. This crew celebrated a partial success in PC2.

Finally, Alejandro Oxenford-José Luis Celada (Alfa Romeo 6C1750 GS SPIDER ZAGATO) were relegated to the position 385. However, in the first of the 7 PM, they managed to finish second.

Apart from the performance of our crews, the presence of Sir Stirling Moss stood out with one of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR, with which he set the average record of over 157 km h, when the Mille Miglia was one of the most important speed races of its time. In addition, together with Ralf Schumacher, Michael's brother, aboard another silver arrow that once drove Juan Manuel Fangio, he reminisced the 60 years of the victory achieved in 1955.

In the Great Theatre of Brescia, Tonconogy-Berisso received the trophy from the President of the Automobile Club of Milan, former Formula 1 driver, Ivan Capelli, and Ms. Corinna Ascari, and Veronica Ascari, daughter and niece of the great pilot, first champion with Ferrari of the top race in 1952 and 1953.

1)TONCONOGY Juan - BERISSO Guillermo Bugatti T 40 49011
7) STALMAN Pablo-SANCHEZ ZINNY Fernando Bugatti T 40 GRAN SPORT -3316
8) EREJOMOVICH Daniel - LLANOS Gustavo Aston Martin Le Mans -3779
12) SIELECKI Carlos - HERVAS Juan Bugatti T 35A -4914
35) POZZOLI Damián- PIASCO Juan Aston Martin Le Mans -14672
385) OXENFORD Alejandro - CELADA José Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS SPIDER ZAGATO -571396