15 .11 .2016
Por octavo año consecutivo el Club de Automóviles Sport (CAS), acompañó la iniciativa de la subasta solidaria -cuyo noble objetivo- le permite al Banco de Alimentos recaudar fondos para que 100 mil personas se alimenten, diariamente, en 750 comedores y otras organizaciones sociales ubicadas en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y 30 partidos del Gran Buenos Aires.  
La actriz, modelo, y conductora de TV, Andrea Frigerio no sólo engalanó la ceremonia de cierre de la 28va edición de las 1000 Millas Sport, también colaboró con un cálido testimonio y sentido mensaje, a comprometerse socialmente con quienes más lo necesitan. Hija de una maestra rural, Frigerio conoce muy bien la situación de desnutrición que padecen miles de argentinos, impedidos, ante la falta de recursos económicos, de una digna alimentación. Consustanciada con la misión que se lleva adelante desde hace años, para el Banco de Alimentos fue un orgullo contar con su inestimable participación, como la de Ernesto Claramunt, pues ambos fueron los encargados de llevar adelante la ya tradicional Subasta Solidaria.
13 .11 .2016
Erejomovich, The Winner, Closed a Brilliant Season

This is his second victory in the 1000 Millas and his first triumph in Patagonia. The five-time Argentine Classic Sport Cars Champion also got hold of his fourth Triple Crown. It certainly was a great finish because in addition to the real difficulties of the PC, mistakes and anxiety made averages soar. The winner, the podium, and the top ten racers were all at stake until the last timed race.

11 .11 .2016
Is this going to be a head-to-head among champions?
After this Friday's leg, which joined the Llao-Llao Hotel with Alicurá, including 29 regularity tests in Circuito Chico, Los Girasoles del Limay, Alicura, Dina Huapi, and Cerro Catedral (in addition to two stamp controls and two time controls, one in Bariloche's Civic Center), and almost 300 km behind, the 1938 AC 16/80 Comp. Sport of the team Erejomovich-Llanos has 291.18 penalty points, 36.42 less than the 1926 Bugatti 35 A of the "Buga-Tina” team.   
11 .11 .2016
Confianza generalizada
Tras casi 500 kilómetros de carrera uniendo, en un ida y vuelta, el Hotel Llao-Llao con el Regimiento de Exploración de Montaña 4, en San Martín de los Andes, las tripulaciones candidatas a anotar sus nombre en el top 10 de la clasificación general consideraban haber superado con un buen promedio de precisión las 31 Pruebas Cronometradas que comprendieron la jornada.  
9 .11 .2016
Glamour, Solidarity, Passion, And History

Last Saturday, some 15 car haulers carried the classic sports cars making up the caravan of the twenty-eighth edition of the 1000 Millas Sport.

In the Pipa Tigre complex, amongst the 131 mechanical jewels of all time, the AC 16/80 Comp. Sport of the five-times Argentine Historic Sports champion, Daniel Erejomovich, and the Züst that took part in the 1908 New York-Paris race were loaded to be carried to San Carlos de Bariloche.

As the 1000 Millas is the second event of significance for the Food Bank, the model and TV hostess will be in charge of the fundraising auction.

18 .10 .2016
The Most Admired in Autoclásica and Patagonia

From a chain-drive 1907 Züst to the 1938 AC Bristol 16/80 owned by the Argentinean Historic Sports leader, Daniel Erejomovich, a select group of pre-war vehicles will shine in the 28th edition of the 1000 Millas Sport to be held on November 9-13 next. Some of them were even showcased in Autoclásica, on the stand of Club de Automóviles Sport.

22 .9 .2016

The Seven Lakes Drive, the Short Roundabout and the Parallel 42 in the Andean Region are part of this groundbreaking venue for the 28th edition of the 1000 Millas Sport to be held from November 9th to 13th, 2016. Declared of municipal interest by the city of San Martín de los Andes, this race will close the Argentine regularity rally calendar for Classic Sports Cars supervised by ACA and Daniel Erejomovich has practically won the championship one more time.

It is the perfect combination of racing and driving. It calls for precision with the pressure switch and mother nature´s perfection to provide such majestic landscapes. These ageless automobiles are individual pieces of jewelry that stand out in the history of car making as they keep rushing along winding roads among lakes, forests and mountains. They are still pictures of the experiences lived year after year in the 1000 Millas in these quintessential tourism areas of Neuquén, Rio Negro and Chubut in Patagonia.

13 .9 .2016

Nicolás Filiberti, former Formula 3000 (today GP2) pilot - the opening category of Formula 1; Alejandro Chawan, member of the Argentina Mission to the 24 Hours Nürburgring; and Fabián Taraborelli, who dared to participate in Dakar Rally on a motorcycle, enrolled for the 2016 edition of the 1000 Millas Sport.

From the adrenaline of speed to the enjoyment of a ride on a classic sports car. This describes the participation of the three men who have gone through the experience of racing in prestigious international categories, and who today are enrolled in the 1000 Millas Sport, maintaining their passion for cars and competitive spirit unchanged. True, they have changed the adrenaline of driving more than 200 kilometers per hour to the easy ride offered by a regularity rally, but behind the wheel of precious mechanical jewels that year after year show off on the roads of Argentina's Patagonia.

14 .7 .2016

After the first week of qualified entries, the 1000 Millas will once again pay tribute to the cars, races, events, and personalities that made sport racing great in Argentina and around the world.

The Ferrari 166/195 Coupé Vignale chosen for the poster of the 28th edition of the 1000 Millas Sport is one of the vehicles that on March 9, 1952, participated in the VI Grand Prix of the City of Buenos Aires which celebrated the opening of the capital's race circuit. Throughout 65 years the most relevant categories in the world paraded in the circuit: from Formula 1 to Sport Prototypes, the MotoGP, Formula 3000, and in February 2017, probably the brand-new Electric Formula.

30 .6 .2016

We are pleased to announce the opening of registrations for the XXVIII° edition of the 1000 Millas Sport of Argentina next Monday, July 4 th. 

The rally will be held once again on the roads of the Argentinean Patagonia on November 09-13, with headquarters at the Llao LLao Hotel & Resort - Golf - Spa, Bariloche, Province of Rio Negro. 

The number of participating vehicles is limited to 150.

We'll be looking forward to seeing you!

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