15 .10 .2015
:: Autoclásica 2015 - The 1000 Millas Always Present

Club de Automóviles Sport was present – one more time – in this unique competition of South America, promoting its traditional rally which last week exceeded its quota of participants, among which, two Ferraris from the United States.

The attendance of approximately 50 thousand people to the 15th edition of Autoclásica did not come as a surprise for Diego Gutiérrez Eguía, President of Club de Automóviles Sport. "If the weather is good, like this weekend, people just love to come and enjoy the show", he says feeling proud. 

As part of the classic vehicle and motorcycle festival organized on the gardens of the San Isidro race track, CAS was present once again to promote the 1000 Millas Sport, the most important regularity race of the continent. Even though registration will close next Friday 16, the quota of 150 Classic Sport vehicles from all time has been exceeded by far, including two outstanding participants arriving from the US. 

"We have exceeded the quota and we are very happy. The level of excellence of the vehicles participating in this edition of the 1000 Millas is high. Plus, there are many new enthusiasts that have registered for the first time to this event which calls for enjoying the passion for vehicles on a ride combining breathtaking landscapes and sports", adds the President of CAS.

Autoclásica invited everyone to relive history with over 600 and 300 of the best cars and motorcycles from each period of time, and 1000 Millas does so too with a caravan headquartered at the Llao-Llao Hotel (San Carlos de Bariloche), traveling through the most beautiful landscapes of the Argentine Patagonia.  

The stand of Club de Automóviles Sport not only showcased the vehicles that usually participate in the 1000 Millas, there were also cars that run in speed racing. Both the landmark symbol identifying the rally as well as the associated flags were a strong presence of the rally to be held on November 25-29.

“CAS has taken part of the 15 editions of Autoclásica, always identified with the 1000 Millas because we want to showcase the rally in an event that stands out for the number, quality, variety, singularity and state of preservation of the vehicles, like we do", says Diego Gutiérrez Eguía lastly.

The 27th edition of the 1000 Millas, which have been declared of Tourist Interest by the Ministry of Tourism of Argentina, the Province of Río Negro and the Municipality of Villa La Angostura, will involve three days, including the "Andean Corridor" with the legendary Road 40 as main backdrop.