31th EDITION     27 to 30 November
23 .11 .2015
Record Edition - Astonishing numbers

156 cars of almost 30 different makes.  Foreign crews from Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Uruguay, in addition to copilots from Germany and the US. Two female teams. Two news crews living the race from the inside. A three-leg itinerary, a crossing to Chile and 86 driving skills tests. The 1000 Millas 2015 have everything it takes to make history again. 

15 .10 .2015
Autoclásica 2015 - The 1000 Millas Always Present

Club de Automóviles Sport was present – one more time – in this unique competition of South America, promoting its traditional rally which last week exceeded its quota of participants, among which, two Ferraris from the United States.

23 .9 .2015

In 26 editions, a total of 19 models from various makes won the rally - in many cases, just as they did in the great speed races of their time.

If there is something that stands out in classic sports car rallies is the variety and uniqueness of the models making up the caravans. Throughout 26 editions, the 1000 Millas Sport of the Republic of Argentina has had the privilege of having unique pieces, some especially sent from the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Alfa Romeo or Audi museums; others brought with much pride by their owner-collectors.

Not only for what they stood for industrially or commercially, but also from a strictly sporting point of view, the vehicles that have won the most important regularity rally of Argentina and South America bear a rich and valuable history.

19 .5 .2015
Argentine victory. Outperforming Teachers Tonconogy-Berisso, for the second time

As in 2013, the Argentine duo - on a 1927 Bugatti T40 - won the 33rd edition of the historic Mille Miglia. On the leading position from the second stage, the national champions of regularity were able to add 231 points more than the local duo Andrea Vesco-Andrea Guerini (1930 Fiat Siata 514 MM). Other three Argentine crews are among the top 12.

7 .3 .2015
1,000 Miles and Three Days in Patagonia

by Tom Smith
Sports Car Market - March 2015

It began, as many adventures often do, with a phone call.

My great friend Don Polak was on the line, asking if I'd seen that morning's "Bring a Trailer" email. It seems a 1961 Volvo PV544, with long-term ownership, was on offer and the price was right.

"Wouldn't this be a perfect car for the Argentine 1000 Millas?" Polak said. I said I thought it would, so a few eBay clicks later we owned it.

It's been my great privilege to enjoy some of the world's great automobile events with Don Polak. We've driven on two Italian Mille Miglias in our Siata 1100TV Vignale. We enjoyed the 2014 Austrian Ennstal Classic in our 1947 Healey Elliott Saloon and, together with our wives or children, have enjoyed countless New England 1000s, Mountain Milles, Copperstate 1000s and Texas 1000s.

I've also had the opportunity to drive an Aston DB2 in the always-terrific Colorado Grand and California Mille. So, it was time for another adventure. After doubling our investment in the Volvo in preparation for the rally, we were ready to go!


29 .7 .2013
1000 Millas Sport - Classic & Sports Car

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20 .7 .2013
Entrevista a Juan Tonconogy
“Me encantaría ganar las Mille Miglia y las 1000 Millas el mismo año”
Después de su consagración en Italia, el tres veces campeón de la carrera más importante del Campeonato Argentino Sport Histórico se propone una meta inédita para el automovilismo de regularidad con autos Sport Clásicos.
21 .5 .2013
Tonconogy – Berisso ganan la Mille Miglia


Juan Tonconogy y Guillermo Berisso con Bugatti T40 arrasaron en la Mille Miglia 2013 de punta a punta.
Nada pudo hacer Mozzi – Gessler con el Alfa Romeo 6c 1500 para alcanzarlo, mucho más atrás Moceri – Cavalleri con Aston Martin Le Mans y el resto.
Gran actuación de Erejomovich – Gallo con Aston Martin Le Mans luchando por el sexto puesto y Pozzoli – Conticello con el otro Aston Martin en el lugar 24.
5 .11 .2013
Map Airport San Carlos de Bariloche - Hotel Llao Llao

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